We are selling our tanning booth this fall.  You are welcome to use our tanning services until November 30, 2018.  After that, there will no longer be tanning available at Momentum Fitness.

Are you going on a trip soon?  Are you just plain tired of winter?  Momentum Fitness has an 11 minute maximum stand up booth for you to catch some quick rays and build a base tan.  We also sell a variety of indoor tanning lotions and creams.  If there is a product you would like us to stock, just let us know and we will order it for you.


If you are planning on going on vacation, come see us about a month prior to your departure so that you can achieve a base tan and be bathing suit ready the minute you step off the plane.

Rates are as follows:


Stand Up Booth:


Drop In $2.00 per minute


30 minutes $39.60 plus tax

55 minutes $52.65 plus tax

75 minutes $66.85 plus tax

95 minutes $79.40 plus tax

160 minutes $133.70 plus tax





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